Introducing the Potain
Self-Erecting Tower Crane
Potain self-erecting tower cranes are changing construction projects landscape across Asia Pacific & the world. They reduce labor needs, do the jobs of heavy equipment such as telehandlers and forklifts all by itself, while dramatically increasing efficiency on any jobsite. Contractors are saving money & time by switching to self-erecting tower cranes.
With just a Potain self-erecting tower crane, contractors can:
Lift masonry

right into place, rather than using a forklift
Hoist assembled roof trusses
into place, cutting the need for a special lift
Attach a concrete bucket
to enable up-and-over reach that can access an entire jobsite
Move sheetrock and roofing materials
directly to a roof’s location
Lift pre-fabricated wall sections
right into place, rather than using a forklift
Potain self-erecting tower cranes are easy to
Learn, Operate, and Maintain.
Only one crew member is needed to operate the crane by remote control,
and the operator is able to place loads exactly in place with increased visibility and operation.