self erecting tower crane
IGO T 99
Igo T 99

The Igo T 99 is a versatile telescopic mast self-erecting crane ideal for construction sites with tight jobsite constraints.

Hup 32-27
Hup 32-27

Maximize your profits with more job opportunities than ever before.

Hup 32-27
Hup 28-22

The crane for all your projects

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A Profitable Way To Build
Join the Revolution! Find out how contractors are embracing a smarter, more versatile way to build using Potain Self Erecting Tower Cranes. Scroll down to get the secret!
Simple, rapid set-up and high performing Potain Self-Erecting Tower Cranes
are especially suited to deliver cost and time savings in every phase of the construction process.
Learn more about the features and benefits of the only crane you need for your next construction project.

Quick Set Up
With the push of a button, the crane erects itself. Hydraulic outriggers, integrated counterweights,

Remote Control
Using a remote control the operator is safer and closer to the load as he can see what he is doing precisely.

Small Footprint
The compact footprint can be placed in tight working quarters with the benefit of no foundation.

Easy and Low Cost Maintenance
The cost savings is quite substantial compared to all mobile lifting equipment.

Better jobsite coverage
The crane’s long reach can cover large sites, so there is no need for access roads to be constructed.

Efficient & Accurate
With the crane’s up-and-over reach, workers can place materials exactly where they’re needed

Put A Self-Erecting Tower Crane To Work For You

Hear it from the Professionals!

Contractors are increasing jobsite communication, reducing overall costs, and building up to 50% faster with Potain self-erecting tower cranes.

  • Verawat

    Compact design with smart solution

    We’re seeing how happy contractors are after they realize how much they’ve been able to save in money and time with the Hup 32-27. And operators like it too, as it has all built-in features in one remote control. The innovative technology of Potain self-erecting cranes is not only impressive, but it is also transforming how we see some of the current construction challenges in Thailand.

    SB Siam, Thailand
  • Phil De Jong
    Functionality & Flexibility

    “The Potain Igo T 85 A balances the best of a mobile crane with the lifting abilities of a tower crane — it was compact enough to fit between existing buildings while providing up to 6 t in lifting capacity. Plus, from a cost perspective the Igo T 85A stacked up as the best option. A traditional tower crane doesn’t provide the flexibility for quick relocation or setup, but the Igo T 85 A was easy to erect and dismantle so we could move it to the center of the project when needed.”
    Phil De Jong
    Fairbrother, Australia
  • Precise & easy to transport
    “ Previously, we used mobile crane/forklift/telehandler to lift precast, concrete bucket and other building materials for construction of pre-fabricated houses and low rise apartments/malls. Now we are using HUP 32-27 for such projects .With their remote-control operation, they really increase visibility, safety and precision picking. It’s a compact machine that can work at very tight location and it can be transported from one location to other location easily. ”
    PT Indopura, Indonesia
  • Straightforward & Swift

    “The appeal of self-erecting cranes like the Igo 50 lies in their fast and easy erection capabilities without the need for large foundation works or a chassis which are required for standard tower cranes. In places where roads tend to be narrower, their compact nature solves many transport difficulties that might be associated with larger cranes and their swift set-up and fold down capabilities means they are straightforward to move between projects.”
    Robert Gindulo
    DDT Konstract Inc. Philippines
  • Hermann Buchberger
    Compact & Time-Efficient

    “Unlike most cranes used for low-rise construction the Hup 32-27 has a 27 m working height meaning it fits above the local tree line which tends to be around 21 m. It’s also compact enough that if we need to install it underneath a tower crane on an existing site we can do that. This eliminates the need to rearrange cranes on site. The Hup fills a gap between large self-erecting cranes and small tower cranes. It is small and flexible enough to handle construction work for four-story to seven-story developments. It’s more user-friendly than the alternatives and the commissioning is faster which saves us time and money.”
    Hermann Buchberger
    Active Crane Hire, Australia
  • Ong Tien Ling
    Simple, Quick & Portable

    “The Hup’s height is perfect for the projects we work on like shopping malls and car parks. We consider it to be like a mini tower crane. Its speed and ease of use are impressive and the fact that it’s easy to transport is a huge bonus too.”
    Ong Tien Ling
    HAB Construction, Malaysia